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And live alone in the bee loud glade

Lisa Hawkins Poetry of life: Painting, Drawing and musing …

Painting is how I think. It is how I communicate most effectively. Whilst painting, waiting for the image to crystallise, I listen to music, read poetry and prose and most importantly -look. I try to see with an intentionally heightened awareness the phenomenon that the world throws up; to make sense of the interior world and how it relates to the material world.

In the act of painting and drawing there feels to be no distinction between “me” and “other”.

I Am That

So I would like to share ideas, ramblings, musings and paintings – explore the practice of making art, and to try to understand the creative process by writing.

And of course to set my work free into the world, a painting is never happier when it is on the wall of someone who loves it, I am always sad to see them go but they need to “live their lives” so to speak.

I Am That – Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj – Sudhakar S Dikshit S (Editor)


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. What an interesting approach to painting. I think the difference between a craftsperson and an artist is the artist’s unique connections to their art where the inspiration and understanding come from the inside.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I absolutely admire craftspeople but there is always something I need to express which the discipline of knowing the outcome of a craft doesn’t allow for. I have been looking at typography and I think the reason I paint landscapes is because there are fewer cultural references to distract from the message. The landscape is still a cultural construct however, what it was used for in the past, how we have come to see it etc etc but the mind can be more free.

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